Border Control

The following core functions of the Authority are performed by our Border Control Division:

Import & Export Delivery

  • Receive, Scrutinize, verify and approve  applications for amendments to the manifest (Customs Regulation 36)
  • Receive export cargoes and stamp export bill of lading for shipment allowed
  • Issue Landing Certificate
  • Receive, Scrutinize, verify and approve  applications for Ships Stores – C 35 (Customs Regulation 89(a))
  • Screen import manifest electronically
  • Compare electronic manifest with shipping companies to ensure that all cargoes is being accounted and all bill of lading written off
  • Process applications for under-bond goods transferred under HMC.
  • Verify and scrutinize un-cleared cargo list
  • Submit list of goods due for auction(Customs Regulation 27)

Cargo Inspection

  • physically inspect goods against Customs entries and detect any fraudulent consignment and shipment.
  • accounts for any discrepancies and appraisal of goods.

Air Freight Operations

  • ensures that all goods imported/exported through airfreight are properly accounted for and is in compliance with Customs laws and regulations.

Parcel Post Operations

  • vet and check all parcel coming through the post office for compliance according to Customs Act and regulations.

Passenger Processing

  • facilitate the clearance of international passengers, crew and crafts arriving in and departing from Fiji.
  • interrogate and search suspected passengers and crews
  • profiling of potential risks and applying any alert instructions that might exist in respect of passengers and crew.

Customs Marine Unit

  • strengthening Fiji ‘s border management and community protection through surveillance and patrolling our borders.
  • intercepting and interrogating suspect ships.
  • conduct rummages/searches on suspect ships.
  • educating and creating awareness to stakeholders on border issues.

Boarding of Vessels

Fiji Customs Service is required by the  Customs Act;Part 5 & 6 to board all overseas vessels arriving within Fiji.

A proper officer shall;

  • Board all vessels
  • Enter and clear all vessels  that enters and departs to foreign country
  • Scrutinize all boarding papers
  • Check ships stores
  • Check non manifested cargo
  • Record all in-bound and out-bound vessels
  • Check passengers
  • Place on board ships stores upon approval of C35

Task Force

Task Force section is responsible for ensuring all imported cargoes are accounted for before allowing the same  to be taken out of the Customs controlled Area.

  • Make arrangement of ships search.
  • Supervise offloading of imported fish
  • Carry out surveillance within the Customs Area
  • Process PR 9
  • Control fish delivery
  • Process tourist vat refund scheme applications
  • Assist in Customs enforcement duties


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