Revenue Collection – Customs

Revenue Collection – Customs

Our Revenue Collection Division performs the following core functions of the Service:


  • Ensure that the correct amount of duty is collected before the goods are released from Customs control.
  • All import/export entries are processed on a timely manner.


  • Ensure that the correct valuation of goods is declared to Customs for duty purposes as per the WTO Valuation Agreement, which Fiji has adopted.

Ships Account

  • Ensure that all cargo that has arrived into Fiji is properly accounted & duty paid. (function shifted to the wharf)
  • Processing of duty drawback, fuel rebates refunds, diplomatic claims and other duty refunds.


  • Maintaining National database for all Importers, Exporters and Customs Brokers and Agents.
  • Carry out software installation, (system support) Budget amendments and company registration.
  • Registration of Importers Codes


  • Oversee Customs bonded warehouse operations, approvals, inspections, licensing.
  • Central repository of all securities, guarantees.
  • Prepare Auction list and facilitate auction with the approved auctioneer.

Tariff & Trade

  • Provide technical advice on tariff classification of goods and concessions to various stakeholders.
  • provide duty concession advice to Ministry of Economy.
  • Preparation of National budget.
  • Process advice list for all Section 10 approval to facilitate the processing of Customs entries at concessionary rate of duty

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