Executive Management

Mr. Visvanath Das – Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Das was appointed Chief Executive Officer in October 2016.

Prior to this, Mr. Das was General Manager Taxation.

Mr. Das is responsible for the overall strategic leadership and management of the Fiji Revenue & Customs Service (FRCS), ensuring that operations maximize revenue collection and facilitate trade and cooperation between regional and trading partner countries.

Mr. Das has 18 years taxation experience.

Telephone:(679) 324 3001 Fax:(679) 331 5537

Email: vdas@webmediassp.com

Mr. Fazrul Rahman – Director Corporate Services

Mr. Rahman was appointed Director Corporate Services in October 2016.

Prior to this, Mr. Rahman was National Manager Policy since August 2009.

He is responsible for Legal Services, Policy & Monitoring Evaluation, Financial & Asset Management, Internal Assurance and Stakeholder Engagement.

Mr. Rahman has 12 years of industry experience.

Telephone:(679) 3243021 Fax:(679) 3302321

Email: frahman@webmediassp.com

Mr. Shane Panettiere – Director Border

Mr. Panettiere was appointed Director Border in January 2017.

He is on secondment from NZ Customs for the whole of 2017 to  take up this role.

He is responsible for all facets of Border Operations, which primarily covers all Sea and Air people, goods and craft crossing Fiji’s borders.

Shane has 35 Years Customs operational and leadership experience across New Zealand and is a firm supporter of the All Blacks.

Telephone:(679) 3243301 Fax:(679) 3315537

Email: spanettiere@webmediassp.com

Mr. Shameem Khan – Director Intelligence, Compliance & Investigations

Mr. Khan was appointed Director Intelligence, Compliance & Investigations in March 2017.

Prior to this, Mr. Khan was Acting Director Intelligence, Compliance & Investigations since October 2016.

Mr. Khan was also Acting National Manager Revenue – Customs.

He was Chief Investigation Officer in Internal Assurance since 2007.

He is responsible for Intelligence and Profiling, Tax & Customs Fraud Investigations and Tax & Customs Audit Compliance.

Mr. Khan has 26 years customs industry experience.

Telephone:(679) 324 3350 Fax:(679) 330 2864

Email: skhan@webmediassp.com


Mrs. Fane W. Vave- Director International & Stakeholder Engagement

Ms. Vave was appointed Director International & Stakeholder Engagement in June 2017.

Prior to this,Ms. Vave was National Manager International & Stakeholder Engagement.

Ms. Vave was General Manager Customer Services with the Water Authority of Fiji and Director of Tourism, Ministry of Public Enterprise, Civil Aviation, Communication and Tourism based in Suva.

Ms. Vave leads the International Relations Team, as well as the Public Relations Team. Her focus will be on guiding and supporting the International Team with the establishment of the Asia Pacific Regional Vice- Chair Secretariat office. Next will be to focus on refreshing our international and stakeholder engagement strategies to support achievement of FRCS’s world class vision.

Telephone:(679) 3243006 Fax:(679) 3315537

Email: fvave@webmediassp.com

Mrs. Ruth Williams – Director People Capability & Culture

Mrs. Williams was appointed Director People Capability & Culture in April 2017.

Prior to this, Mrs. Williams was with Goodman Fielder Fiji Ltd, Asaleo Care Fiji Ltd, Coca Cola Amatil Fiji Ltd, Kontiki Capital Ltd

She is responsible for the development and implementation of leadership, people and technical capability frameworks, supporting initiatives and delivery of exemplary human resource services across FRCS. This includes Recruitment, Assessment, Induction and Technical Training, Organizational Capability, Productivity and Workforce Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation.

Mrs Williams has 17 years of diverse experience across Finance, Operations, Supply Chain and Strategic Planning.

Telephone:(679) 324 3201 Fax:(679) 331 5351

Email: rwilliams@webmediassp.com

Mrs. Emily Yalimaiwai- Chief Information Officer

Ms. Yalimaiwai was appointed Chief Information Officer in August 2016.

Prior to this, Ms. Yalimaiwai was National Manager Finance.

She is responsible for FRCS’s Strategic & operational technology enablement and Knowledge Management Systems.

Ms. Yalimaiwai has 5 years of industry experience.

Telephone:(679) 3243102 Fax:(679) 3301314

Email: eyalimaiwai@webmediassp.com


Mr. Muni Ratna – Deputy Director Revenue Management – Taxation

Mr. Ratna was appointed Deputy Director Revenue Management in January 2016.

Prior to this, Mr. Ratna was Acting National Manager Revenue since May 2015.

He is responsible for the overall management and leadership of Revenue Collection services which includes revenue collection, stamp duty, customer enquiry and dispatch.

Mr. Ratna has 33 years of experience in the different sections of the Taxation Division of FRCS.

Telephone:(679) 324 3501 Fax:(679) 330 4936

Email: mratna@webmediassp.com




Mr. Jonetani Vuto – Deputy Director Revenue – Customs Division

Mr. Vuto was appointed Deputy Director Revenue – Customs in August 2017.

Prior to this, Mr. Vuto was Acting National Manager Risk & Compliance – Customs in 2014-2015.

He is responsible for the overall management and leadership in the Customs Revenue Collection Services which include duty concessions, refunds and drawbacks.

Mr. Vuto has 27 years Customs industry experience.

Telephone:(679) 324 3350 Fax:(679) 3302864

Email: jvuto@webmediassp.com



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