The Gold Card Initiative

  • The Gold Card initiative was announced by the Prime Minister and Minister of Finance in his 2012 National Budget Address on 24 November, 2011that “priority and privileged services will be accorded to those companies that have a good track record for Tax and Customs compliance.”
  • As a result a Gold Card Unit has been established in FRCA, which is promoting proactive services to these compliant Companies, who regularly need Tax Clearance for offshore remittances and Custom Clearances.
  • The government wants to recognize this extraordinary class of Customs and Tax customers.


  • Taxation and Customs have their own peculiar selection positions and the primary consensus are that the top most Revenue Contributor in Customs Duties/Tarrifs and Taxes were prioritised.
  • The topmost population of 200 who are contributing about 80% of the National Revenue is the primary populations.The first phase – only 36 are in the pool. FRCA wants to ensure that the processes and facilities are tested out. The selections will roll into second and third phases.
  • FRCA is mindful that the top 200 taxpayers are also very high net worth companies and individuals. FRCA has been directed to also include ordinary taxpayers with excellent compliant records into the Gold Class. It shall be open to all taxpayers, in later phases, when the roll outs are in smooth operations.
  • FRCA expects the Gold Class to be about 400 in 2014 to compliment the Self- Assessment mode of operations.
  • The Gold Card Class will graduate into the World Customs Organization’s AEO model and preparations are in its very early stages.

 Your Gold Card Operations Center

  • The elaborate top of the range office facilities and highly skilled FRCA officers are located at the Level 1, Building 3, Customs and Revenue Center, Nasese, Suva.
  • This separate and dedicated facilities and services options are in recognition of their national importance.
  • FRCA is aware that most of the headquarters of the Gold Card Class are in Suva and thus the service center is to be next-door and accessible for them.
  • Gold Card Class customers are encouraged to call on your operations services center and experience the services.
  • FRCA will continue to serve all the Customs and Tax customers in all our services centers in all of the FRCA offices.

 Eligibility Criterion for Gold Card Services

  • Highest level and consistent histories in the timely lodgments and payments of correct taxes. For Customs the timely payment of correct tariffs and duties based on correct SAD and
  • Busiest daily interactions for Customs and Taxation Clearances and
  • Subsequently the Gold Class customers’ population will increase over time.
  • The specialized and dedicated services are free for the Gold Card Class.
  • FRCA is very mindful of the normal Customs and Taxation customers and they have all the services centers in all our Fiji offices to enjoy and use.

 Privileged Services Available to the Gold Card Class

New privileges will be rolled out once they are tested and are expected to be widened once Customs and Tax customers identify common needs.

 Current Privileges

i)    For International travel from Fiji Ports-

  • Personal Baggage Duty Free Allowance of up to $2,000.00
  • International Departures and Arrivals – priority Check-In,  Baggage Collection and escort services by Aiports Fiji Limited personnel.
  • Tabua Club Membership with Fiji Airways allowing:

o    Business Class Lounge access

o    Priority check-in and baggage tags

o    Extra baggage allowance

o    Use Tabua Club cards to enjoy benefits

o    Plus more. Visit for details


ii)    Other privileged services accessible to Gold Card holders at various Government institutions, are as follows:

  • Land Transport Authority of Fiji(LTA) – Express Lane priority Services for all LTA services.
  • Immigration Department – priority services for passport / permits

-   Express Lane services for International Departures and Arrivals.


The Gold Card Unit will provide the following services to all Gold Cardmembers in a friendly and VIP environment:

  • Attend to all Tax and Customs general enquiries;
  • Process tax and customs clearance applications;
  • Facilitate and give preference to the processing of returns, applications, lodgments, requests, services and review of assessments without compromising compliance;
  • Receipt payment of all taxes and penalties;
  • Direct referrals within all FRCA business units;
  • Introduction of the Approved Economic Operator (AEO) program


Your Gold Card Partners

Land Transport Authority
Fiji Airways
Immigration Department
Airports Fiji Limited
Biosecurity Authority of Fiji
Go Advertising


 Your Gold Card Services Personnel

Name Email Telephone
Chief Assessor Mohit Raj +679 324 3260
Customs Manager Joji Seru +679 324 3270
Senior Customs Officer Nalini Sharma +679 324 3267
Principal Assessor Ashwin Nand +679 324 3263
Principal Assessor Litiana Sade +679 324 3264
Principal Assessor Salanieta Vuetaki +679 324 3266


For more information and clarification concerning the Gold Card Initiative please email

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