Become a Whistle Blower

The Fiji Revenue and Customs Authority (“FRCA”), is committed to the highest possible standards of integrity, openness, professionalism and accountability. In line with this commitment and Good Corporate Governance practice, FRCA has a Whistleblower Policy, which provides guidelines by which employees and all stakeholders (internal and external) can come forward and confidentially report/disclose any fraudulent acts, unethical behavior, breaches of FRCA Legislation, Regulations and Policies committed by a person, FRCA employee , member of Management or Board of Directors.

All concerns will be treated, as far as possible, in the strictest confidence and every effort not to reveal the identity of the whistle blower if he or she so wishes will be at the “discretion of the CEO” as such discretion will pertain to the “seriousness of the breach”. However, if the whistle blower’s concerns require any further action, he or she, may at some future date must act as a witness and/or provide evidence.

A whistleblower that provides information or documents to the Authority contributing significantly to the success of the investigation and prosecution by the Authority shall be entitled to at least 10% of the tax revenue recovered as a monetary or non-monetary reward. Such reward shall be duly endorsed by the office of CEO in consultation with the FRCA Audit Board Chairman.


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